Review Process

Each manuscript submitted to the Bulletin of Educational Research is subjected to the following review process:


  1. The Editorial Office reviews the submitted manuscripts every three months. An initial screening by the Executive Editor will determine the suitability of the article for the Bulletin of Educational Research. If the manuscript is deemed inappropriate for the journal because it does not conform to the journal's mission or academic standards, it will be promptly returned to the author(s). If the article is deemed to have potential for publication in the journal, it will be referred to the Corresponding Editor(s).
  2. Based on the Corresponding Editor's recommendation, the article will then be assigned to two or three reviewers, according to its functional and methodological content. A careful review will be conducted by these experts, each of whom will make a recommendation to the Corresponding Editor(s). If the Editor(s) then feels the paper has potential for publication, the author will be invited to make revisions based upon the suggestions of the editor(s) and reviewers. If major revisions, minor revisions, or the rejection of content is appropriate, the Editor will inform the author(s) and provide them with feedback from the reviewers by the end of March, June, September, or December, respectively.
  3. Upon receipt of the revised manuscript, the Editor will make a final decision. The Editor will appraise the entire review process, making sure that all revisions suggested by the referee(s) have been properly addressed. In the case of both major and minor revisions, the article may be redirected through the review process again if necessary.
  4. Upon acceptance, the author(s) will be required to sign the agreement of copyright authorization for the Bulletin of Educational Research. Copyright assignment is a condition of publication, and papers will not be passed to the publisher for publication unless the copyright has been assigned. To assist the author(s), an appropriate copyright form will be supplied by the Editorial Office. The Editorial Office has the right to amend papers to be published in the Bulletin of Educational Research.
  5. Authors that violate copyrights or plagiarize will take full legal responsibility for their actions. Authors will certify that none of the contents in manuscripts are copyrighted, published or accepted for publication by another journal, under review by another journal or submitted to another journal while under review by Bulletin of Educational Research. Papers with different titles but similar content are also not acceptable. If violations are committed by an author(s), the Editors will not accept further manuscripts from the authors for a period of no less than two years.
  6. Authors whose manuscripts are accepted for publication to the Bulletin of Educational Research will be given five copies of the issue along with their papers, free of charge. However, there will be a partial publication fee due from the authors before formal acceptance (NTD $3000). Authors should add the list of references translated from Chinese into English.
  7. In principle, the manuscript submitted and accepted for publication should discontinue publication in any other form and should not appear in any other journals.
  8. Contributors who want to withdraw the submitted manuscript should send a written request to the editor, or send an e-mail to Confirmation of manuscript withdrawal will be sent upon receipt of the written withdrawal request. If an application for withdrawal is made, we will not accept subsequent applications from the author(s) for a period of no less than two years.
  9. Authors should apply for an extension if the manuscript’s modified deadline expires but the manuscript remains unmodified.