Volume 65 No.2 now is available online!

Volume 65 No.2 now is available online



Research Papers


A Philosophical Study of Ernest Sosa’s Virtue Reliabilism and Educational Epistemology

Ernest Sosa德行可靠論(Virtue Reliabilism)與教育知識論的哲學探究

Author:Chien-Fu Lin / 林建福


The Modern Trandformation and Social Constructuon of the German Apprenticeship


Author:Yuan-Chuan Chang /張源泉


Systemic Conflicts and Integrations of the Multiple Entrance Program: A Case Study on University T’s Experiences from the Perspective of Dialectical Epistemology


Author:Jeng-Yi Tzeng, Hsiao-Chin Hsieh / 曾正宜、謝小芩


Book Review

Book Review: National Curriculum Standards for Social Studies : A Framework for Teaching, Learning, and Assessment & College, Career, and Civic Life (C3) Framework for Social Studies State Standards


Author:Li-Hua Chen / 陳麗華