Volume 65 No.4 now is available online!

Volume 65 No.4 now is available online



Research Papers


The Educational Enterprise of the First American Missionary E. J. Bridgman and His Introduction of American Educational System in the Nineteenth Century China


Author:Yu-Wen Chou / 周愚文


The Instruction of Visual-Empowerment on the Perspective of Critical Pedagogy: A Case Study on the Practice of Self-filming Workshop among Southeast Asian Migrant Workers


Author:Wan-Ching Ke / 柯妧青



The Development of Integrating Indigenous Culture into Mathematics Curriculum in an Experimental Elementary School


Author:Wei-Min Hsu / 徐偉民



Issues and Trends

Dialectic and Reflection on Reform Experiences of Curriculum and Instruction


Author:Chin-Ju Mao,Jenq-Jye Hwang,Li-hua Chen,Wei-Ying Lan / 卯靜儒、黃政傑、陳麗華、藍偉瑩